If you are a consultant who needs a web presence quickly, would like to maintain your website independently, and like what you see here at, please Contact Us.

We can help you design a suitable website.  With your providing the appropriate content, we can even construct the website for you promptly and train you to maintain it into the future. 

As you can see with this website, we believe that websites should be: 

  • Rich with content;
  • Easy on the eyes (and ears);
  • Easy to read and understand;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Secured with appropriate defenses against the inevitable web attacks to come;
  • Foster communication between you and your clients and potential clients;
  • Be safe for visitors to use; and,
  • Drive appropriate web traffic to it.

We don’t care if the website does not look like the latest trends in web design as long as it performs its intended functions.  In short, we insist on substance over style and ease of maintenance to the host consultant. 

To view an example of this type of website, just explore this one:  If you wish to view the overall hierarchical structure of this website, please click on the list below.

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If this type of web presence is what you’re looking for your consulting practice, please Contact Us to discuss how LCA can help you realize the website you envision.