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201. StanDev

Standard Deviation

202. STD

Short-Term Disability benefits

203. STE

Straight-Time Earnings

204. STH

Straight-Time Hours

205. Str


206. SUPP

Supplemental (Group Life Insurance and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits)

207. SVC

Service (clerk or department)

208. TA

Tentative Agreement

209. TAIP

Tentative Agreement in Principle (only)

210. TD

Thanksgiving Day holiday

211. TE

Total Employees (i.e., FT + PT = TE); sometimes represents a contractual Thanksgiving Eve holiday (i.e., the day before Thanksgiving), though "TEve" is usually utilized on as the abbreviation on this website to avoid confusion

212. TEP

Total Earnings Paid

213. TEve

Thanksgiving Eve holiday

214. TEW

Total Earnings Worked

215. TH

Taft-Hartley Plan

216. THP

Total Hours Paid

217. THW

Total Hours Worked

218. TLC

Total Labor Costs (includes Wages, Premium Time, Paid Time Off, and Fringe Benefits)

219. TO 

Employee Turnover

220. TO%

Turnover Percent

221. TOS

Top of Scale (i.e., at or above the top rate of a wage progression or scale)

222. TOTs


223. TY

Tax Year

224. UI

Unemployment Insurance

225. ULOA

Union Leave of Absence (more properly, "Leave of Absence to attend to Union business")

226. ULP

Unfair Labor Practice (charge)

227. UProp

Union Proposal

228. VAC


229. VD

Veterans' Day holiday

230. VictD

Victory Day holiday (Rhode Island)

231. VIS 

Vision benefits

232. WAGS


233. WAvg

Weighted Average

234. WAVGs

Weighted Averages

235. WB

Washington's Birthday holiday

236. WC

Workers' Compensation

237. WH

Warehouse (currently known as a "Distribution Center")

238. WIP

Wage Increase Progression (consists of increases in pay)

239. WOS

Weeks of Service

240. WRP

Wage Rate Progression (consists of Hourly Rates of Pay)

241. XD

Christmas Day holiday

242. XE

Christmas Eve holiday

243. YOA

Years of Age

244. YOS

Years of Service

245. YTD


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