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101. HRate

Hourly Rate of pay

102. ID

Independence Day holiday (i.e., "fourth of July")

103. Inc.


104. JD

Jury Duty leave

105. JLMC

Joint Labor-Management Committee

106. JURY 

Jury Duty leave


Contract (usually a collective bargaining agreement; but, generally, any contract)

108. KED

Contract Effective Date (same as "CED")

109. KTERM

Contract Term (i.e., Contract Duration)

110. KXP

Contract Expiration Date (same as "CXP")

111. KY

Contract Year (not to be confused with "CY" which is the abbreviation for "Calendar Year")

112. L####

Union Local number (e.g., "L1234" is an abbreviation for "Local 1234")

113. LB

Lincoln's Birthday holiday

114. LBF

Last, Best, and Final offer

115. LCA

Labor Costing Associates, LLC

116. LD

Labor Day

117. LEG

Prepaid Legal Services benefits

118. LH

Legal Holiday

119. LHol

Legal Holiday

120. LOA

Leave of Absence

121. Loc


122. LOS

Length of Service

123. LOSI

Length of Service Increase (a General Wage Increase that varies by length of service)

124. LR

Labor Relations

125. LSB

Lump Sum Bonus (same as a Lump Sum Payment)

126. LSP

Lump Sum Payment (same as a Lump Sum Bonus)

127. LTC

Long-Term Care plan

128. LTD

Long-Term Disability benefits



130. MAJ

Major Medical benefits

131. Max


132. MD

Memorial Day holiday

133. MED

Medical benefits

134. Med


135. MG

Mardi Gras holiday (Louisiana, parts of Alabama and Florida)

136. Min


137. MLK

Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

138. MOA

Memorandum of Agreement

139. MOB 

Maintenance of Benefits

140. MOR

Maintenance of Reserve

141. MOS

Months of Service (not to be confused with "mos.", which is the abbreviation simply for "months")

142. MProp

Management Proposal

143. MSA

Metropolitan Statistical (geographic) Area

144. MWI

Minimum Wage Increase

145. NetS

Net Sales (generally Gross Sales less coupons and other supplier discounts)

146. NH

New Hires (i.e., non-grandfathered employees in a second tier)

147. NHP

New Hire Progression

148. NYD

New Year's Day holiday

149. NYE

New Year's Eve holiday

150. Off-Prog

Off Progression (i.e., at or above the top rate of a wage progression or scale)

151. On-Prog

On Progression (i.e., on a wage progression or scale)

152. OP

Operating Profit (also known as "Operating Income"; note: a negative "OP" is an Operating Loss)

153. OperR

Operating Restriction

154. OR 

Operating Restriction(s)

155. OT




157. Parts


158. PatD

Patriots' Day holiday (Massachusetts and Maine)

159. PD

Personal Day (same as a Personal Holiday; "PH" is the preferred abbreviation on this site to avoid confusion with the Presidents' Day holiday)

160. PD

Presidents' Day holiday

161. PED

Presidential Election Day holiday (i.e., Election Day every four years)

162. PEN 


163. PH

Personal Holiday (same as a Personal Day)

164. PHol

Personal Holiday (same as a Personal Day)

165. Pop 

Population (usually refers to an employee population)

166. Pr

Probability (e.g., "Pr(strike)" is statistical notation for "probability of a strike")

167. Prem

Premium Time (i.e., wages paid at some additional premium, such as overtime or hours worked on a holiday)

168. Prob


169. PROB

Probationary Period

170. Prod


171. Proj

Projected; Projection

172. Prop


173. PS

Palm Sunday holiday

174. PS

Past Service pension benefit

175. PT


176. PTO

Paid Time Off

177. PTOB

Paid Time Off Benefits (usually: vacation, legal holidays, personal holidays, sick leave, funeral/bereavement leave, jury duty leave, etc.)

178. PY

Plan Year



180. RADC

Risk-Adjusted Decision Cost

181. RAT 

Ratification Date

182. RCum%

Reverse Cumulative Percent (i.e., 100% less Cumulative Percent)

183. RET

Retired; Retiree; Retiree health benefits

184. RETs


185. RF

Risk Factor

186. Rx

Prescription Drug benefits



188. S-CAGR

"Smoothed" Compounded Annual Growth Rate

189. S/L

Sick Leave

190. SC

Service Clerk

191. Scen


192. SETT

Settlement; Settlement Date

193. SEV

Severance benefits

194. SGA

Sales, General, and Administrative Costs

195. SICK 

Sick Day or Sick Leave

196. SIP

Self-Insured Plan

197. SM

Store Manager

198. Sq. Ft.

Square Foot / Square Feet / Square Footage

199. SSN

Social Security Number

200. ST


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