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1. /hr

per hour

2. %% 

Basis Point (i.e., 1/100th of a percent; sometimes abbreviated as "bp" or "‰")


Basis Point (i.e., 1/100th of a percent; sometimes abbreviated as "bp" or "%%")

4. +$x.xx

Dollar Premium (i.e., "+$1.00" = $1.00 premium)

5. $000,000,000s

Dollars measured in billions (almost always expressed as "$xB", where "x" is the number of billions of dollars)

6. $000,000s

Dollars measured in millions (more commonly expressed as "$xM", where "x" is the number of millions of dollars)

7. $000s

Dollars measured in thousands (never expressed as "$xT", where "x" is the number of thousands of dollars)

8. $xB

Dollars measured in billions (rarely expressed as the too cumbersome "$000,000,000")

9. $xM

Dollars measured in millions (sometimes expressed as "$000,000")

10. 1½T

Time-and-One-Half premium

11. 2T


12. ACB

Across-The-Board wage increase (generally the same as an General Wage Increase)

13. AD&D

Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits


Administrative Costs (of administering benefits)

15. AEP

Additional Earnings Paid

16. AHC

Average Hourly Cost

17. AHP

Additional Hours Paid (usually Paid Time Off)

18. AHR

Average Hourly Rate of pay

19. ANN

Annuity benefits

20. APC

All-Purpose Clerk (usually a full-rated clerk that can work across multiple departments in a store)

21. APW

Average Paid Week (based on hours worked and hours paid but not worked; i.e., Paid Time Off is included)

22. Arb


23. AS 

All Service pension benefit

24. ASM

Assistant Store Manager

25. ATB

Across-The-Board wage increase (generally the same as an General Wage Increase)

26. ATP

All Time Paid (includes Wages, Premium Time, Paid Time Off; but no Fringe Benefits)

27. AUCR

Average Unit Credit Rate (for valuing pension benefits)

28. Avg


29. AVGs


30. AWS

Average Weekly Sales

31. AWW

Average Work Week (based on hours worked)

32. BAG 

Bagger (generally a courtesy clerk or an utility clerk in a retail store)

33. BAU

Business As Usual (i.e., a baseline established assuming continuation of current business conditions)

34. BENS

Benefits (usually Fringe Benefits only, not wage-based benefits such as paid time off)

35. BHD

Bunker Hill Day holiday (Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts)

36. bp

Basis Point (i.e., 1/100th of a percent; sometimes abbreviated as "%%" or "‰")

37. CAGR

Compounded Annual Growth Rate

38. CB 

Collective Bargaining

39. CBA

Collective Bargaining Agreement

40. CC

Courtesy Clerk

41. CD 

Columbus Day holiday

42. CE

Current Employees (i.e., employees grandfathered into a first tier)

43. CED

Contract Effective Date (same as "KED")

44. CEP

Current Employee Progression

45. COLA 

Cost of Living Adjustment

46. Contribs


47. COUR 

Courtesy (clerk)

48. CP 

Company Plan

49. CPLH

Cost per Labor Hour

50. CSH

Customer Service Head

51. CSM

Customer Service Manager

52. Cum%

Cumulative Percent

53. CXP

Contract Expiration Date (same as "KXP")

54. CY

Calendar Year (not to be confused with "Contract Year", which is abbreviated here as "KY")


Demographics (usually employee demographics, though possibly retiree demographics, or plan participants and dependents demographics)

56. DAT 

Day After Thanksgiving holiday

57. David W. Berry

Founder and owner of Labor Costing Associates, LLC

58. DC 

Distribution Center (formerly known as a "Warehouse")

59. DENT 

Dental benefits

60. DepCov

Dependent Coverage

61. DH

Department Head

62. DIFF

Difference between two numbers, costs, proposals, provisions, etc.

63. DISB

Disability benefits

64. DLOA

Disability Leave of Absence

65. DM

Department Manager

66. DOS 

Days of Service

67. DT


68. DWB

Initials of David W. Berry, founder, owner, and chief consultant of Labor Costing Associates, LLC

69. EA 

Employee's Anniversary of Employment holiday

70. EAP

Employee Assistance Program

71. EB

Employee's Birthday holiday

72. ED

Election Day holiday

73. EE


74. Eff.

Effective (as in "Eff Date" = "Effective Date")

75. EID

Employee Identification Number (usually not a Social Security Number, but, rather, a number assigned by the employer to prevent identity theft)

76. EIN

Employee Identification Number (usually a Social Security Number)

77. Elig

Eligibility, Eligible

78. EM

Easter Monday holiday

79. EQI

Equity Increase or Equalization Increase (applied when a Minimum Wage Increase creates an inequity in the wage structure especially amongst recent new hires)

80. ER


81. ES

Easter Sunday holiday

82. ESOP

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

83. EvacD

Evacuation Day holiday (Boston, Massachusetts; same day as St. Patrick's Day)

84. F


85. FS

Future Service pension benefit

86. FSA

Flexible Spending Account

87. FT


88. FULL 

Full-Rated (usually a clerk; not necessarily Full-Time; used to distinguished from lesser positions, such as Service or Courtesy Clerk)

89. FUNL

Funeral / Bereavement Leave

90. FY

Fiscal Year

91. G&A

Grievance and Arbitration

92. GF

Good Friday holiday

93. GGWI

"General" General Wage Increase (a true General Wage Increase that applies to all employees, not just a significant portion of them as is usually the case)

94. GLI

Group Life Insurance

95. Griev


96. GWI

General Wage Increase (generally the same as an Across-The-Board wage increase)

97. H&W

Health and Welfare

98. HOL


99. HOSP

Hospitalization benefits

100. HR

Human Resources

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