FAQ #4: How Do We Bill for Services?


LCA issues invoices to clients on a monthly basis.  Usually, invoices are sent by email directly to the client, but they may also be sent through regular mail at the client’s request.  Clients can expect to receive invoices for time worked no later than 45 days after the close of the month.  Since bills for expenses may be delayed, we reserve the right to bill clients for them in subsequent months.

LCA staff records all of its time working on client matters in quarter-hour (15-minute) increments. Regardless whether we bill the client by the hour, or under a fixed-fee project or retainer agreement, we report all time worked for the client on a time sheet submitted with our monthly invoice.

Similarly, business expenses incurred on clients’ behalf are reported on an expense report submitted with the monthly invoice.  We only incur such business expenses with prior approval from the client or pursuant to an executed project or retainer agreement.  While traveling on a client’s behalf, appropriate expenses, include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Transportation fares (such as coach air fares, train fares, taxi fares, car rental fees);
  • Use of personal automobiles based on mileage (at the IRS mandated rate in effect at the time the mileage was recorded);
  • Tolls;
  • Gratuities;
  • Hotel lodging costs;
  • Meal expenses;
  • Cell phone usage costs;
  • Long-distance telephone costs;
  • Internet access charges;
  • Photocopying and printing expenses, incurred at client’s behest;
  • Stationery expenses, incurred at client’s behest; and,
  • Any other reasonable expenses agreed to by client and consultant.


LCA will provide copies of expense receipts or invoices to the client upon request.

 To review LCA policies on Business Travel, please click here.