FAQ #1: How Much Do Our Services Really Cost?



As stated on Our Rates and Fees webpage, LCA fees vary depending on the scope of the work.  The more work a client commits to (usually in a project or retainer agreement), the less the cost of our services on a per-hour basis.  In most instances, we charge approximately the following:


  • For hourly-based work, the current rate is $150 per hour.  The rationale for this hourly rate is that it is between the market rate for systems / IT consultants ($50-$100/hr.), and junior associates at law firms ($200-$300/hr.). 


  • Most fixed-fee project retainers covering the time required to prepare and to negotiate a single labor collective bargaining agreement (usually between three and nine months), cost between $30,000 and $60,000 in total fees equally divided into monthly installments during the term of the project.  If the negotiations extend beyond the term of the project agreement, additional fees based on consultant’s hours worked at the above hourly rate are reinstated unless the client negotiates an extension to the project agreement.


  • Annual retainer agreements generally cost approximately $40,000 per each 10% of our total annual client hours.


These costs are just estimates.  LCA will work out a fee structure with each client depending on the client’s needs and the scope of the work.


Please Contact Us to discuss how much our services will actually cost your organization.