Turnaround Time


LCA prides itself on its turnaround time.  Depending on the complexity of the requested costing or analyses, LCA will return results pursuant to the expectations agreed to by LCA and its client.  Obviously, unforeseen circumstances may, on occasion, delay results. In these infrequent situations, LCA promptly notifies and discusses the problem with its clients.

In the specific instance of returning labor costings, prepared from already constructed models, to a client, LCA response time can be as short as a few minutes for simple costings to a few hours for a complete, comprehensive economic proposal.  The turnaround time varies according to how much input into the model is required, and to the complexity of the economic proposal itself.   For example, even a simple proposal may take a significant amount of time to cost, since it may differ by numerous job classifications.  If one can imagine inputting varying ten-year wage progressions over twenty (20) different job classifications into a costing model then one can appreciate why such a costing may take hours instead of minutes.

At the beginning of a consulting engagement, LCA discusses turnaround time with the client so that appropriately designed and constructed models are made suitable to the client’s needs and expectations.

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