Our Location


LCA is flexible as to its worksite during negotiations.  We have provided costing services and analysis at the bargaining table, in back caucus rooms, and in satellite rooms, both on- and off-site. Each of these locations offers certain advantages and disadvantages with regard to the critically necessary communications between client and consultant.

Generally, the closer LCA is to the bargaining table, the greater the negotiations context imparted to us with an attendant improvement in the effectiveness of communications. As we are removed further from the site of negotiations, context is greatly reduced and communications must be increased and enhanced to offset such loss of context.  However, clients often wish to minimize our presence at negotiations, sometimes even keeping it completely secret.  Obviously, keeping us off-site greatly enhances our ability to stay in the background.

LCA has extensive experience working at all of these sites and has overcome any challenge to context and communication that they may present.  With both LCA and our client focusing on their mutual communication means and practices, we can provide the same level of performance at an off-site location as at the bargaining table.

 Please peruse our webpage on Effective Communications for a more in-depth discussion on this vital topic.