Confidentiality of Client Data & Information


LCA strictly secures any data or information that its clients share with us.  As the vast majority of all such information & data is in digital, magnetic format, it is stored on our protected computers.  All of our computers are password protected as are their operating systems and hard drives.  Additionally, data files can be password protected at the client’s request.

LCA requests that all employee data does not contain social security numbers or the employee’s name so as to eliminate the risk of employee identity theft.  Instead, we request that clients send the employer-assigned identification number(s) (EINs) which are traceable in the event data anomalies appear.  LCA never requires the names of employees.

LCA never shares client information with another client or any other party.  The only exception to this strict policy specifically pertains to publicly available information, such as labor contracts or government filings.  Examples of such government filings would include those to the Securities and Exchange Commission (e.g., SEC Form 10-K), the Internal Revenue Service (e.g., IRS Form 5500), or the U.S. Department of Labor (e.g., DOL Form LM-2).  LCA will share these documents with other clients to provide comparisons.  If a client requests to keep these public documents from other parties, LCA will comply with its wishes.