Our Philosophy


Labor Costing Associates, LLC, believes that the labor relations function must attain the same performance objectives as any other cost center within an organization.  The major portion of these objectives is financial in nature and is determined by the labor negotiations process.  Too often, financial objectives in negotiations are never attained, or worse yet, never measured because agreements or economic matters in negotiations are never costed and benchmarked. Too often, decisions in negotiations are influenced by anecdotal evidence or simple risk avoidance.  Too often, negotiators simply don’t know the value of the bargaining chips with which they are negotiating.

LCA seeks to provide negotiators with the analyses required to fully understand the cost implications inherent in collective bargaining.  Through the use of database information reports, cost models, graphic presentations and other means, we can set forth a complete cost picture of the client’s bargaining unit or other employee group.  We assist in developing and costing initial proposals and will cost out the other side’s proposals.  We cost out all economic proposals during negotiations in real-time with a turnaround measured in minutes and hours, rather than days.

We advise negotiators on ways to achieve cost objectives during negotiations.  We cost out the final settlement and will work with the client’s financial function to assess its overall impact on the company short- and long-term.

LCA believes that only through a deep economic understanding of the labor negotiations process, can the necessary financial objectives of the organization be achieved.