Consultant Biography

David W. Berry


A graduate of the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, David Berry’s concentration in business school was in labor relations and human resource management, with a minor in financial management.  

Mr. Berry began his labor relations career at Boston University, contributing his analytical and labor costing skills to that institution’s numerous labor negotiations.  He further developed his quantitative techniques at The Stop & Shop Companies during the 1990’s, perfecting computerized labor and benefit costing systems that were employed in real-time during labor negotiations.  While at Stop & Shop, and continuing through his tenures at Bradlees Department Stores and American Stores Company, Mr. Berry developed various quantitative models to aid labor negotiators in predicting the impact of contractual changes on the operational and financial structure of the organization. 

Essential to communicating the results of his analyses, Mr. Berry has developed over his career a unique and distinctive style of presenting quantitative information, both in numerical and graphic formats, that has been used extensively during negotiations and other business situations requiring effective persuasion.

In 2000, Mr. Berry began working as an independent consultant, providing his singular brand of labor costing and analysis to numerous organizations engaged in collective bargaining.  During this time, he has provided economic analysis on over one hundred labor negotiations covering millions of unionized employees.

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